Ticket Information

Ticket Information for all home Cadet Athletic contests at Cadet Stadium and the Sabre Center

Individual Event Tickets (Regular Season Contests)

  • $6 – Adult Tickets 
  • $2 – Student Tickets
  • Free – Senior Citizens and Children under 7

2019-2020 Yearly & Seasonal Pass Order Form

Individual Events Tickets (Sectional & Regional Playoffs)

  • $6 – Adult & Student Tickets
  • Free – Children under 7

Individual Event Tickets (Tournaments)

  • Cost varies based on the event.  Prices will be advertised prior to all tournaments.
  • FHS Seasonal/Annual Passes are not accepted at tournaments / invitationals

Additional Inforomation

  • All FCPS employees (only) displaying a FCPS photo ID (bearer only) will be admitted to all FCPS sponsored athletic contests free of charge. (Note: This does not include CMC championships, region and state events and may not include invitationals or competitions hosted by a school).
  • MPSSAA pass holders (bearer only) will be admitted to all FCPS sponsored contests free of charge.
  • All guests ages 60 or older will be admitted free of charge. Note: This does not include region and state events.
  • Children ages 7 and younger will be admitted free of charge.
  • Admission charges may be adjusted for county, holiday and invitational tournaments.
  • Some contests may require purchasing tickets in advance so guests are encouraged to contact Frederick High School well in advance of a big event.
  • Local FCPS schools will provide season/sport pass opportunities for students, parents and communities.