Frederick County Sports HOF

Frederick County, Alvin G. Quinn YMCA Sports Hall of Fame

Each year the Frederick YMCA recognizes individuals who, through their accomplishments and contributions in the field of athletics, bring honor to self and to Frederick County. Alvin G. Quinn was the Executive Director of the YMCA of Frederick County from 1919 to 1960. No individual has ever had such an impact on so many of the area’s young people during his 40 years career as did Mr. Quinn.

For more information on the Frederick County, Alvin G. Quinn YMCA Sports Hall of Fame please visit their website here.

Below are the Frederick High School Alumni and coaches who have been inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame. Click their name to be directed to their HOF webpage.

Anthony Ambush
Tom Bichy
Stan Biggus
Hahn Bowers
Kenny Boyd
Don Boyer
Homer Brooks
Debbie Thompson Brown
Lou Bruchey
Richard Burgee
Fred Burgee
C. Lease Bussard
Robert Butler
Roy Comer
Bill Crone
Mike Daye
Thomas Eichelberger
Dr. Warren Evans
Frances “Billy” Foreman
Francis “Butch” Foreman
Chuck Foreman
James Frasier, Jr.
Jack Griffin
John J. Grim
Henry A. Groff, Jr.
Benny Grove
M.J. Grove
Phil Grove
Donnie Hammond

Philip Hammond

Ron Hart
Charles “Poss” Houck
Jim Houck
Howard Hoy
Maynard Hurd
Lewis Frank James, Jr.
Max Kehne
Charles Keller III
Richard “Dick” Krantz
Jon F. Kreissig
Keith Lee
“Rastus” LeGore
Don Loun
Bob Marendt
D. John Markey
David Markoe
Barbara McCutcheon Martin

Frank Martz

Jack Molesworth

Hal Moser