Cadets in the Pros

Jessica B.

Currently cheers for the First Ladies of Football (Washington Football Club) Cheerleaders

Class of 2015

Bridgett Blowe

Played with the International Tennis Federation

Class of 2015


Taylor Hyssong

Currently in the Minor Leagues for Atlanta Braves organization

Class of 2012

Selected by the Atlanta Braves in the 8th round (229th overall) of the 2016 Amateur Entry Draft


Annie Gladchuck

Cheered for the Washington Redskinettes

Class of 2011



Morgan Lash

Cheered for the Tampa Bay Lightening Girls, and the Washington Capital Red Rockers

Class of 2011



Brady Wilson

Played in the Independent Leagues for the Rio Grande Valley Whitewings

Class of 2009



Kwame Appiah

Played professional soccer for both the Delaware Stars (AML) and Philadelphia Fury (AML)

Class of 2008




Steve Custis

Played professionally in Austria, Peru, and the exclusive Drew League

Class of 2007



Micky Davis 

Played professionally arena football for the Baltimore Mariners of the AFL

Class of 2005



Billy Gross

Played in the Minor Leagues for the Baltimore Orioles Organization

Class of 2005


Elyon Bush

Played professionally in Mexico, Peru, Piura, Macedonia, and Italy.

Class of 2003



Curtis Crews

Played professionally in Mexico, Peru, and China.

Class of 2003



Maria Brown

Played professional basketball for the Kumho Life Redwings in South Korea

Class of 2002


Kristal Hood

Played professional basketball for Caguas in Puerto Rico

Class of 2002



Akil Patterson

Played Arena Football for the Billings Outlaws

Class of 2001



Ashley Bush

Played professionally in Puerto Rico and Luxembourg

Class of 2001


Jason Frushour

Played in the Independent League with the Ohio Valley Redcoats

Class of 1993



Charles “Chuck” O’Brien

NFL – San Diego Chargers

Class of 1987



Don Frost

Golf – Florida Pro Mini Tour

Class of 1983


Mike Wood

Played in the Minor Leagues for the Seattle Mariners Organization

Class of 1980

Drafted in the 7th round of the 1981 MLB Winter Draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates and again in the 1984 Amatuer Entry Draft by the Seattle Mariners in the 37th round.


Keith Lee

NFL – Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots

Class of 1978



Bengie Biggus

Played in the Minor Leagues for both the Milwaukee Brewers and San Fransico Giants organizations

Class of 1976

Selected by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 4th round (102nd overall) of the 1979 Amateur Entry Draft


Scott Bradley Smith

Played in the Independent League for several teams

Class of 1976

Billy Crone

Played in the Minor Leagues for the Seattle Mariners, Houston Astros, and Cleveland Indians

Class of 1976

Drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 8th round of the 1979 MLB June Amateur Draft


Donnie Hammond

PGA Pro Golfer

Class of 1975



Kenny Boyd

NBA – New Orleans Jazz

Class of 1970

Selected by the New Orlean Jazz  in the 9th round of the 1974 NBA Draft


Spencer ‘Spinny” Johnson

Harlem Globetrotters

Class of 1970



Clarence ‘Petey” Cooper 

Played in Minor Leagues for the Cincinnati Reds and Minnesota Twins organizations

Class of 1969

Selected by the Cincinnati Reds in the 5th round (110th overall) of the 1969 Amateur Entry Draft

Bill Craven

NFL – Cleveland Browns

World Football League – Philadelphia Bells

Class of 1969


Chuck Foreman

NFL – Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots

Class of 1969

Drafted by  Minnesota Vikings in the 1st round (12th overall) of the 1973 NFL Draft.

1973 NFC Offensive Rookie of the Year

Phil Ranneberger

Played in the Minor Leagues for New York Yankee organization

Class of 1967

Drafted by the New York Yankees in the 7th round of the 1967 MLB June Amateur Draft


Ron Hart

Played in the Minor Leagues for the Cleveland Indians organization

Class of 1966

Drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the 17th round of the 1966 MLB June Amateur Draft


Benny Grove

Played in the Minor Leagues for both the Pittsburgh Pirates & Kansas City Royals Organizations

Class of 1965

Selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 32nd round (592nd overall) of the 1965 Amateur Entry Draft

Phil Grove

Professional Jockey

Class of 1965

Phil Grove had 2,500 winners between 1966 and 1981


Bill Siedling

Played in the Minor Leagues for the Washington Senators organization

Class of 1962



Jon F. Kreissig 

Class of 1960

Played in the Minor Leagues for the Baltimore Orioles organization



Dale Ramsburg

Class of 1960

Played in the Minor Leagues for Minnesota Twins organization




Don Loun 

MLB – Washington Senators

Class of 1958




Charles Keller III 

Played in Minor Leagues for the New York Yankees ogranization

Class of 1957



James Frank, Jr

Played in Minor Leagues for the Cincinnati Reds organization

Class of 1932



James  “Jim” Houck

Played professional basketball for the Miami Club in Florida

Class of 1925