Boys Varsity Track · Spring Sport Senior Spotlight: Kris Marshall, Cadet Boys Track & Field

Kris Marshall – Cadet Boys Track & Field

Who would you like to thank or give a shout out to?
I like to thank everyone that supported me throughout my short time at Frederick High
What is your favorite Spring Sports Memory? 
I never got experience my favorite memory but I was looking forward to winning states alongside my brothers and sisters
What are you plans after FHS?
Continue my education and athletic career at Alderson Broaddus University
What will you miss most about High School?
Literally everything
With the time you have away from school due to the COVID 19 pandemic what have you been able to do productive with your time?
I’ve acquired a job
If you could give advice to underclassmen who are student athletes what would it be?
Enjoy the time you have with your teammates and fellow classmates. Stay focused but also have fun. Cherish it all because In the blink of an eye, you’ll be waking the stage wishing you could redo it all over again
When it is safe to go outside what will be the first thing that you do?
Just go out and sit under the sun