Boys Varsity Lacrosse · Spring Sport Senior Spotlight: Luke Sisco, Cadet Boys Lacrosse

Luke Sisco – Cadet Boys Lacrosse

Who would you like to thank or give a shout out to?
I’d like to give thanks to everyone on the team that gave me memories I’ll never forget and making me not only a better player, but a better person over these last 4 years.
What is your favorite Spring Sports Memory?
Sophomore year we’re tired in a playoff game against North Hagerstown, we go into overtime and the scores 9-9. After a few minutes we get a fast break and the ball is passed up the field, I get it and bate the defender out leaving Lucas wide open in front of net. I get decked but get the pass off and he scores. As I’m getting up I hear everyone start to cheer and see Lucas running at me with his arms up. Next thing I know the entire team is in a huddle jumping and freaking out because we just won. That moment was so memorable because in that moment, we felt like we were on top of the world. It’s a feeling that can’t really be recreated but only happens in those intense situations during competition. Even though Lacrosse at FHS has provided me with dozens or memories and experiences that I won’t forget and overall grew me as a person, that overtime will always make me laugh and smile when I look back on it.
What are you plans after FHS?
I’m going to Hood College right across the street from FHS. As for a major, I’m still trying to decide between Communications and Criminal Justice. Then after that, depending on the major I choose, I’ll either aim to be the worlds best anchorman or worlds best FBI agent.
What will you miss most about High School?
I haven’t really thought about this question until this pandemic, and now I’ve got all the time in the world to think. Throughout these 4 years at FHS I had so many great experiences with friends. Attending football games was one of the highlights. Everyone goes to be there with friends, dress crazy, and be together. The football game was like background music and the real fun was that time in the stands with everyone from school. So yea I’ll be missing a lot about FHS, the people being the highest on the list.
With the time you have away from school due to the COVID 19 pandemic what have you been able to do productive with your time?
I’ve began playing for the Hood College Esports team during this quarantine. Playing in 2 tournaments already and continuing to practice with them almost every day.
If you could give advice to underclassmen who are student athletes what would it be?
Don’t waste any opportunities, make the most of every chance you get. Whether that be playing time on the field or a completely different sport. I played soccer first 3 years of high school and it was alright, average fun, average team, just an average experience. Then senior year, I played golf in the fall. Not the most exciting of sports but by far one of the most fun seasons I’ve had in high school. With the right team and right coaches, any sport can be as fun yet competitive as golf. All you have to do is take the chance and step out of your comfort zone.
When it is safe to go outside what will be the first thing that you do?
When we can go outside I definitely want to go somewhere like Topgolf with my friends. I miss being able to just text some guys in the morning then later that night we’d be hitting golf balls at topgolf. When plans like that just workout on the fly it’s the best, and this pandemic has really put that on pause.
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