Boys Varsity Tennis · Spring Sport Senior Spotlight: Daris Dorsey, Cadet Boys Tennis

Daris Dorsey – Cadet Boys Tennis

Who would you like to thank or give a shout out to? 
Coach Annette for always believing that we could do better and for never giving up on us even once.
What is your favorite Spring Sports Memory?
My favorite memory was meeting everyone on the team, and playing against them for the first time. Everyone has a different personality and playstyle, which always makes playing tennis with them fun.
What are you plans after FHS?
After graduation, I plan on going to Frederick Community College, and majoring in Game and Simulation Design, and then transferring to another instate college to continue pursuing my major.
What will you miss most about High School?
I would definitely miss the people. Most of the people I go to school with are the people I’ve grown up with, which makes them a part of my life because I see them everyday. Not being able to see them as often would really change this for me, but it would also make any time that we meet after school a more fun and better experience.
With the time you have away from school due to the COVID 19 pandemic what have you been able to do productive with your time?
With the time away from school I’ve been able to continue working out and exercise. I’ve also been able to get out of the house and play tennis with my family. We’ve continued donating food to the soup kitchen, and I’ve been helping my sisters with their at home schoolwork.
If you could give advice to underclassmen who are student athletes what would it be?
Always aspire to be the best athlete that you can be. It’s okay to want to be like an athlete that inspires you, but you should also remember that they had to work very hard to get where they are now, and that you’ve still got a few years ahead of you.
When it is safe to go outside what will be the first thing that you do?
The first thing I would do is spend time with my friends, whether it be watching a few movies, playing sports or just hanging out at their house or in the park.
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